Monday, September 1, 2008

Three weeks ago

Sorry I am really behind on posting! I wrote this 3 weeks ago and just got around to actually posting it with the pics and video so...

I started hula dancing classes on Thursday along with a line dancing class. A lady from work found the class through her church so we are taking it together and having a blast! It is every Thursday for 3 months so that should keep me busy.  

On Saturday Christine and I found an awesome little strip mall within walking distance from our apartments. It has a yummy acai bowl place, a cheap mani-pedi salon, a new york style deli, and a great  affordable sushi store (for christine haha). After that we went to the 26th annual Okinawan Festival. They had  a drumming performance with a cool dragon and of course food...what festival would be complete without deep fried goodness! :) They make these things called anda dogs which is a hot dog wrapped in Japanese doughnut and fried WOW! Good thing they only have it once a year haha. 

After the festival we went to a party up on the North Shore and it was a lot of fun! There was a pinata...enough said! haha 


Ryan, Meagan, and Jase said...

Melissa- you are so cute! I can't believe all the fun things you are doing! Are you sure you got a JOB in Hawaii? hee hee- anyway I love that you are taking Hula lessons- that is awesome! luv ya!