Monday, September 15, 2008

2 weeks ago...

Ok we are getting closer to current events haha. 

So they have these gun clubs where you can pay to shoot all sorts of different guns...seems like a rip off to me since we used to go in the mountains for free but whatevs. Apparently in Japan you can't have guns or something, don't hold me to that fact it is just something I heard. Anyway, Jijo and I were wandering around Waikiki one night and since he had never shot a gun he decided he wanted we did!  Well I just watched because I had gotten my dose of shooting in before I left Utah, but I still got to hold an awesome gun (and wear some dead sexy ear muffs) :)

On Saturday I got to go to the University of Hawaii (UH) football game against Weber State. It was great and we, meaning UH since I would never claim anything from Ogden (no offense), won! We got rained on a bit but luckily our seats were under some cover so we didn't really get wet. The rain did however make some awesome rainbows over the stadium! 

It was a double rainbow but the second one doesn't show up in the photo :(

The view from our seats...not too shabby!

All and all I would say it was a pretty good week with a double nice end!! ;)


Lindsay said...

did I ever tell you I'm all for stricter gun control?! I don't approve of this activity. j/k