Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Saturday we took the bus from Waikiki to Chinatown for some lunch and shopping. I went with Jon and some of his friends that go to school at BYU-Hawaii. They are originally from Thailand so they knew of all the good little places to eat and shop in Chinatown...lucky for me! :) We had dim sum at a place called Good Luck restaurant and it was so good! I had never had dim sum before and I was pleasantly surprised :) It is basically a variety of steamed dumplings with different fillings like shrimp and pork. They look a little scary at first, not gonna lie, but they are quite tasty and inexpensive! We got a whole table full of food for 6 of us for $35! After we went to lunch we wandered around the different shops and markets that have all sorts of fresh produce and ethnic ingredients. We bought some strange fruits, one was delish...the other was the complete opposite! The little red fruit is called Rambutan(?) and it is sweet and juicy. The big spikey fruit is called Durian. It smells so putrid and the taste is likewise...imagine the taste of rotten potato salad. But hey at least I can say I tried it right?! Here is the slideshow of pictures...enjoy :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'd Carve That!

So this week was filled with Halloween festivities. On Tuesday night we carved pumpkins with some of the girls I visit teach and had such a good time! We got the kit with patterns and tools so that we could make designs on the pumpkins, fancy style :) I made a vampire cat, Alena made a spider, and Mona made a she says ;) Just kidding they all turned out great!

Then on Wednesday night we went to the Haunted Lagoon at the Polynesian Cultural Center over in Laie. They haunted the canoe ride and it was freaky! They had guys that would hide under the water and pop up and splash you as you rode past, they had people that would lean over the bridges or they dropped big hairy spiders down onto you. Seriously the best $8 scare you will ever get. Something that you just can't get on the mainland! :) We have some pictures from it but I haven't had time to scan them in yet sorry. 

On Thursday night I had some friends over to watch The Office and made a spooky dinner of spaghetti and 'eyeballs' with 'lady finger' french bread and dirt cups with worms for dessert. Yum-o! It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself ;) 

I forgot to take a picture at first so this is a half eaten version haha. 

 So little red riding hood, an angel, a witch, Superman, Batman, a New Kids on the Block fan, and a pimp  walk into a bar...
That pretty much describes Friday night:) I went with Mona and some friends from work to Moose Mcgillicutty's to dance and we had a blast! They loved there J├Ąger bombs but don't worry I just had some chocolate milk ;) Let me just say Mardi Gras is to New Orleans what Halloween is to Waikiki! There were thousands of people wandering the streets in anything and everything you could imagine. I didn't really take any pictures unfortunately but one of my co-workers got this nasty one of me after dancing...I was little red riding 'hood' ;) BUT you can't even see my bling or most of my costume for that matter...sad story! I will check with my other friend to see if she got any better ones.

Here is the rest of the group:

New Kids on the Block groupies: Jayme, Ali, Natalie, and Tricia

Venus and Serena? aka Ann Marie, Loretta, and Thea

Jijo, Mona, and Natalie

And here is some random goodness from around town:

Pants optional...

Moral of the Halloween ever!! I would recommend it to anyone who is not faint of heart or easily scarred for life ;)