Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Snap, crackle, and pop!

Today I came home from work and was kind of stressing because I had to teach the lesson for FHE tonight and I hadn't even surprising I know! ;) Anyway I grabbed my computer to start looking up stuff for the lesson, but the computer had no battery power left and shut right off. It was still connected to the charger but it wouldn't light up. I wiggled the cord around and got it to light up so I tried to keep in that position but then I looked down and it was melting through the plastic on the cord and smoking!! over! So by this time it is like 5pm and FHE starts at 7:30...panic time! I jumped in the car and drove to the mall, bought a new cord ($82 later) and made it back to my place by 5:45! If you have ever been to Waikiki you know that was a miracle! Well the lesson went well (if I do say so myself JK!!!), and my baby is fire safe, for now :)

Oh and here are some picture from snuba way back when...I forgot to put them on my last posts.

Marilyn and I all geared up!

Turtle, turtle...


Lindsay said...

i was so glad to see you at emily's wedding. what a great surprise! maybe your next lesson should be on preparation/procrastination :)

Okie said...

listen!!! I know that Utah isn't anywhere near as awesome as Hawaii (picture me saying that like a native), but I'm SO glad you came for the wedding!! I almost did 2 things when I saw you at the door: 1) punch Ashley right in the eye and 2) pee right there on the JSMB floor. Both would have been awkward, friendship losing moments so I'm glad that I restrained.

Point is: I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU and was so glad to see you even for just a moment. MWAH!

Jare said...

Wow, I love all your pics! Looks like you're having tons of fun and keeping busy. I'm so jealous!! :)