Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week 2 and a half

HI!! Sorry I haven't put anything up in a little while (I know you were dying of anticipation), but I just barely got internet on Monday yay! So I will be better and putting stuff up as it happens. Well I started work last week and I love it! I have 27 kids on my caseload (which is pretty low) and I only have to see 16 of those on a weekly basis. I am in the Honolulu district and I go to 4 schools: 1 high school, 1 middle school, and 2 elementary schools. All of the staff and kids have been so nice and welcoming! It was a little stressful at first trying to figure out the schedules and such but things are going pretty smoothly now (knock on wood).
I have gotten involved in the University/singles branch and most of the people seem pretty cool. There are about 75 people that come to church and about 30 for activities...quite a change from Utah but still not bad! We had an India culture night last Monday with dancing and food...yum-o! On Thursday Jijo and I went to Wal-mart for the first and hopefully LAST time! It is so crowded and it took us like 20 min. to park! And then after all of that, they only had like 5 isles of food, how disappointing! Oh well live and learn.
Saturday I went to the swap meet with a couple of girls from work (if anyone has requests let me know and I can ship stuff to you). After that we met up with a few more therapists and went to White Plains beach, it was so nice! That is when it finally started to sink in that I actually live here and can do that whenever I want!! Then that night I went country dancing...can you believe it, country dancing in Hawaii! I was so happy to find this place, it is pretty pathetic compared to Utah but it will get the job done haha. I even took a shot at the bar!!! (Water of coarse haha) the bartender was so funny I couldn't believe she actually did it, I was totally joking! Classic!
Oh my gosh when I got back to my apartment that night look what I found!

Ok I have usually been pretty cool with killing bugs but honsetly how are you supposed to kill that thing! I instantly had a flashback to staying at my grandparents condo in Las Vegas with Renae when I was 13 or so. We stood on the couch for 30 min. (watching the disney Nsync concert mind you haha) waiting for my grandpa to come home and kill a cockroach for us only to find out that it flies!! Lets just say maheim insued! Well after looking at it for like 5 minutes...literally...I decided that I would trap it in a cup and throw it out the window (don't judge I was in crisis). Well that only half worked because he was fast so it only caught the back end of him, I ended up having to just use a HUGE wad of toilet paper to grab it and flush it down the toilet! Man I hope that is the last of its kind I have to deal with...sick!!

Yesterday I met up with Donovan and the gang at Compadres for Tuesday taco night where tacos are only $1! I didn't think I would ever find anything here for a dollar...seriously! After that we wondered through the mall and use the free massage chairs, we are classy what can I say :). Lastly here are a few slide shows of my pictures so far...

Here is my new apartment. It is not glamorous but hey it'll do!

Here is a slide show of some of the cool new people I have met.

My Office...5 of us share so it is a little tight but hopefully I won't be there much once things pick up.


Eric said...

Good to hear you are doing good. Enjoy the beach!

Matt & Jare said...

Wow, I can't believe how close you are to the beach! Your place looks pretty nice too (despite the big nasty bug jk). I'm so glad things have worked out for you and you've already made some great friends!