Saturday, August 9, 2008

Birthday fun!

So yesterday was my birthday and I want to thank everyone for all of the phone calls, texts, cards, gifts, and comments really made my day!! :) I got together with my co-workers and new friends and went to dinner at Dave and Busters (or Dave and "Bustas" as my mom likes to call it). It has a huge arcade upstairs so we played our hearts out! I got a whole load of tickets from everyone and I still have money left on my card so I will go back and get somethin' purdy after I use up all my credits and win even more tickets:). Wow I sound like I am 12 again haha I guess working in the schools brings me back to my youth! Oh and I even got lei'd ;) Here are some pictures from the evening. Thanks guys for everything!!

Skee ball queens!

My game could use some work :)

Free Heinies...I'll take 2! (they were just holding...AND drinking them for me) 

Intense Dance, Dance battle

Front (left to right): Me, Laretta, Jayme, Natalie, Thea, Kevin
Back (left to right): Ali, Nicole, Donovan, Trisha, Ann Marie, Isaac, Jijo


Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie said...

I'm so glad I found your blog!!! I hope you had a great birthday, looks like you did!!! :) Your apartment looks awesome and your friends look like so much fun! I'm so happy for you! Doesn't it feel great to get out of Utah?!?! LOL :)
Oh my heck, I can't believe that huge thing you killed in your apartment, I for sure would have called for my landlord or something to come kill it! I think I would've died! lol :) You are tough!

carri said...

We're so happy you had a great birthday!!!! It was odd to not have you at home. We can't wait to visit - get that futon or air mattress ready for us. Love ya, Mom and Dad (Shawn too).

Ryan, Meagan, and Jase said...

Melissa- I'm so sorry I didn't contact you on your birthday... I did remember it though and thought of you. We've been so busy getting ready for Boston- I have a million things to remember to do and I just can't seem to keep it all straight. I'm so happy you started your blog. Hawaii looks like a blast. I'm glad you had a fun birthday!!! I love you to death!!!

Okie said...

Oh my gosh, Meliss looks like you hit the jackpot. I love that within two seconds you have a whole new life! I'm proud of you and jealous all at the same time! Happy Birthday to you my dear, Aloha!

Lindsay said...

Happy happy birthday Melissa Dear!