Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Week in Paradise

Well I got off to good start I had a rental car and hotel through my work for the first 2 nights and I was able to pick up my car from the port on Wednesday. It was a joyful reunion with my baby :)I had an orientation for work on Tuesday and have made some great friends with the other therapists! I then spent the next 2 days frantically looking for an apartment and checking in and out of 2 different hotels with 7 pieces of luggage!! I know fun right? Anyway I finally found a place that I could move into on Saturday. After a nightmare at the bank and having a hold put on my debit card for suspicion of fraudulent activity (guess I should have told them I was moving to Hawaii, but whatever) I was able to put the security deposit down and I moved in yesterday! Woo hoo! Now it is nothing glamorous but it is 413 sq. ft. of MY space in paradise, what more can I ask for?! Here is the link to my building's site the views are almost exactly what I see out my windows everyday! I am on one of the top floors so it is pretty awesome. I haven;t had time to download my own pictures yet but as soon as I do I will post them! Thanks for all of the love and support through calls and texts it is what gets me through the days! LOVE YOU ALL! Mahalo:)


Justin and Ashley Reeves said...

Wow! Your place looks awesome, so Posh :) I miss you SO much, but I am coping.

Shaw Family said...

Oh man what I wouldn't do to be in hawaii right now-- with no kids. I'm so glad everything worked out apartment-wise. And yeah if you think that bug was bad, you should see some of the pictures Spence has of his mission in Ecuador....seriously why do bugs exist?