Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Saturday we took the bus from Waikiki to Chinatown for some lunch and shopping. I went with Jon and some of his friends that go to school at BYU-Hawaii. They are originally from Thailand so they knew of all the good little places to eat and shop in Chinatown...lucky for me! :) We had dim sum at a place called Good Luck restaurant and it was so good! I had never had dim sum before and I was pleasantly surprised :) It is basically a variety of steamed dumplings with different fillings like shrimp and pork. They look a little scary at first, not gonna lie, but they are quite tasty and inexpensive! We got a whole table full of food for 6 of us for $35! After we went to lunch we wandered around the different shops and markets that have all sorts of fresh produce and ethnic ingredients. We bought some strange fruits, one was delish...the other was the complete opposite! The little red fruit is called Rambutan(?) and it is sweet and juicy. The big spikey fruit is called Durian. It smells so putrid and the taste is likewise...imagine the taste of rotten potato salad. But hey at least I can say I tried it right?! Here is the slideshow of pictures...enjoy :)


Kandi said...

Hey Mis,

My mom finally gave me your blog page. Bill and I will be out there on 11/25 leaving 12/1 - I already have your cell phone so we'll touch base once we're in town. We are staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Just found out your mom is turning 50 - Bill's 50th is on 11/26 - so we'll have to celebrate the old folks birthdays!! See you then.

BTW - at the new job I have we import Durian and Rambutan along with many other exotics.

Eric said...

Melissa, D-Rock just showed me your blog. I had no idea. But now we will just be increasingly jealous about your surroundings. You are looking for a pharmacist job there for me, right? In the photos of the Chinatown, what is the name of the fruit with the jagged outside and kind of sweet, slimy center? I think it was called Jaka in Brazil. Anyway, it is awful and made me almost die once.

Melissa said...

Kandi I am so excited you guys are going to be here! I live right in Waikiki so we should totally meet up. I don't know what you have planned but I talked with my mom and we were thinking maybe we could go to dinner and celebrate the birthdays Saturday night. Anyway ya just call me when you get here and we can figure it out.

Eric glad you found don't have too much longer to be jealous before you are here! I will definitely keep an eye out for pharmacist jobs and if all else fails you could always deal crack here in Waikiki. I hear Tunsitala St. is a hot spot. Oh and the redhead could make a lot of money as a lady of the night, that is really popular here too. Haha Also, the spiky fruit is called Durian in Thai and it is death in the form of fruit! Glad you survived it!

Shelly said...

Hey girly! Looks like a little taste of my mission? Did you eat the durian? I thought it was nasty and tasted like onion! Apparently it is an "acquired" taste! DUH!! Hey, I met your advisor from the U from OT. I have been seriously considering it. We need to update! Luv ya girl and hope that you are LOVING Hawaii!