Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Break Fun

So not this past week but the week before was Fall Break for the school district so I ended up getting about 10 days off! :) Derrek flew in on Friday and we had a good time exploring Waikiki that weekend. We went to the aquarium, got Mani-pedi's (he just got a pedicure), and had a picnic by the beach. Saturday night we celebrated my friend Christine's birthday and went out to sushi. I ate an unagi roll (which is eel!) and a spicy yellow fin roll and didn't spit it out haha I was so proud of myself!! Maybe this sushi thing isn't so bad :) Monday we hit up the north shore for some snorkeling at Shark's Cove, cliff jumping at Waimea Point, and acai bowls of course...mmm! Then Tuesday D-rock and I flew to Kauai with Christine and her friend also named Christine from Boston, and Jijo. We all stayed in an awesome 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo with full kitchen and 3 lanai's! It also had a sand bottom pool with 2 water slides, waterfall caves, and multiple hot tubs...fabulous! While we were there we hiked the first 2 miles of the Na Pali coastline to the private beach which was spectacular...seriously a beautiful hike! We swam in Queen's bath, visited Waimea Canyon which is also called the grand canyon of the pacific, amazing! We even saw a monk seal sleeping on the beach! Also, they have a BBQ place called Scotty's that is off the hook yummy! Honestly probably the best food I have had in hawaii thus far...almost worth the airfare over just to eat there ;) We flew back to Oahu on Friday and our flight was delayed by almost 2 hours :( That kind of threw a wrench in our plans so we did dinner and a movie that night. We saw Eagle Eye which I thought was good...but I like any thing with Shia LaBeouf :) Saturday we hiked Diamond Head and went to Pearl Harbor which was really neat. I had never been there and it was a really touching experience. I think everyone who has the chance should take the opportunity to see it. Derrek flew back to the mainland Sunday night...I guess all good things must come to an end. It was so fun to be a tourist again and explore more of the islands that I haven't seen. I thoroughly enjoyed the vacation and it was really hard to go back to work! But I think my bank account will be glad I went back :) Here are the pictures from Kauai, I will put up slide shows from the rest of the week as soon as I get the pics. 

Kauai Condo

Na Pali Coastline Hike

 Queen's Bath

Waimea Canyon and Poipu Beach

I can't wait for all the visitors that are coming in November and December, I am seriously anxious!! :) My 3 month mark is tomorrow can you believe it?!?! Time is zooming! Love you guys and honestly miss you sooo sooo much!


Lindsay said...

i'll live vicariously through you this year!

Mom and Dad said...

Kauai is so gorgeous!!! The photos are fabulous. So glad you were able to have fun exploring a different island. You are 25% complete. Love Mom and Dad

Justin and Ashley Reeves said...

I second with Lindsay, but I miss you so much!!! I wish I was one of your visitors!

Okie said...

Two things:

1- UNAGI!!!!! - Ross

2- You sound like you are on a mission-- "I hit my three month mark!" haha. I love it... LOVE IT!

I miss you a ton and am so happy for your adventures. i'm coming to you in the spring my pretty!!

(Okay, that was three... I got carried away!)

Valery said...

Thanks for posting so many pictures! It makes Hawaii real for all of us freezing here in UT!!!